• Image of Numb'r Crunch'r

This print all started with the lovely figure 5, & the story grew from there. Stubbornly composed on too short of a line length with handset metal & wood type, swirling alongside a vintage halftone image of an unidentified gentleman you can call Jim-Bob. Experimental inking techniques were applied on the green figures using an old toothbrush. (Jim-Bob kept his mouth shut that whole time.)

Text: "Jim-Bob was a numb'r crunch'r. Ate 'em up like they was granola — hold the soy milk, please — spit'em back out if they didn't add up. Couldn't've cared'ny less 'bout how the numbers felt about it — 'cept for that number five. Never could shake those purdy curves outta his head, and in the end it was the death of him. Momma was right; shoulda stuck with hog farmin' like his brother did."

Written, designed & letterpress printed Amy Redmond in an edition of 29, using a Vandercook 4 press. Ships flat.

SIZE: 11x14 inches
YEAR: 2002