• Image of Handy Girl (Fig. 41)

This print is part of the Handy Girl Series, inspired by an old book called "The Handy Boy." With a slight alteration of the text, juxtaposed with an illustration of a female, the viewer is asked to reconsider the meaning of the book from the viewpoint of women.

The text reads: "The Handy Girl magician must accompany her tricks with an interesting line of talk, or patter as the magicians call it, to divert the audience's attention as much as possible from her hand movements. A clever line of talk makes the most successful girl magician."

Designed and letterpress printed on a Vandercook 4 by Amy Redmond using handset metal type, overprinted on a tone block and a linocut image. Ships flat.

YEAR: 2005
SIZE: 11 x 14 inches